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AWS’ main consultancy partner in The Netherlands, with premier partnership, is looking for Engineers and/or Architects to join the team.

the role

Work on fixed-price projects for companies amongst the top-100 enterprises in The Netherlands, different fintech initiatives, software start-ups and more. You can be involved in projects that are focusing on architecture or bridging between technology & business, as well as hands on projects, or the combination of both. Think of reviewing architecture, design and building new landing zones, migrating applications to AWS (lift and shift and/or complete refactoring), platform security scans, optimizing / automating existing environments, implementing microservices / containerized set-up, serverless architecture and more. You will have a big influence on which projects you work, what kind of end client, focus and responsibilities, location, etc. (the company has multiple projects/clients on the waiting list, so a lot of cherries to pick).


Different projects means we are looking for different expertises, but to join the company you must at least bring:

  • 3 years of solid working experience within IT
  • Minimum 2 years of experience on AWS (configuring and implementing services, migration of applications, pipeline building, automation, etc.)
  • Serious automation skills with at least two of the following: Python, CloudFormation, CDK, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Preferable you already bring some certificates, but if you think you can get up to speed quickly, given the opportunity, that will do.

1 day a week in the office, the rest at client site or remote (roughly 50/50 balance depending on the project and the project stage). Lots of team sessions, meet-ups, tech training, drinks with colleagues, etc. Unlimited possibilities to get certified within the AWS certification track (as a premier partner they need to keep up the level of certificates and will fully stimulate you acquiring them).

Sounds interesting? Get in touch!

Location: Randstad area

Salary: up to 100k + package